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How it all began...

A few years ago it all started with small jewelry ideas, then gradually other individual handcrafted items such as upcycled bags made from sails, bandanas for dogs or unusual pillow cases were added. As well as original images of cars, dog portraits and posters with a focus on typographic elements.

In 2020, renting a larger workshop gave us the opportunity to run a small shop, which allowed us to greatly expand our range of goods - Roo's Concept Store in Meerbusch was born!

However, our drive and spirit is still the same as it was from the very beginning: we still strive not to offer “off-the-shelf products”, but rather to surprise our customers with special and lovingly designed gift ideas for every occasion.

Visit us - online or in person in our small shop in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf.

Personalized gifts

Discover our shop, which offers a wide range of gifts for women , men, babies and children . Dive in and let yourself be enchanted by our exquisite selection of handmade, personalized gifts and individual ideas. We believe that gifts are a loving gesture of appreciation, and we want to express that with each of our unique gifts. In our factory you will find incomparable gifts that bring joy and capture special moments. Experience the joy of giving with our decorative Home & Living products that make every home more beautiful.

Gift ideas for every occasion

Discover our exclusive selection of handmade gifts for every occasion. With us you will find a wide range of suitable gift ideas , be it for babies , children, teenagers , dog owners , newlyweds or simply for friends and family. Our personal gifts will keep the memory of special moments alive. We also offer exceptional Easter or Christmas gifts with heartfelt messages for our favorite people. Each of our gifts is a unique and loving token of affection. Get inspired by our handcrafted selection and find the perfect gift that will touch hearts.

Always new inspiration for gifts

Browse through our selection and discover the perfect little souvenir such as candles , cushions or vases . Or bring one of our popular air plants, jellyfish, instead of flowers. Or have candles personalized. or the high-quality, handmade gift that suits every occasion. It's both the small and the big moments in life that we want to celebrate, whether it's a spontaneous garden party , birthday or family celebration . That's why we look forward to inspiring you with our selection. Let yourself be inspired by our variety of gifts and find that special piece that will bring joy to your loved ones and create memories. How about, for example, if you had a small, inconspicuous child's drawing created into a high-quality framed poster?

Gifts for people & animals

The family is the heart of our lives - it gives us support and is our home. When we express our love and attachment to our loved ones, our animal family members should not be forgotten either. Discover our special selection of gifts for the whole family - including our beloved pets. From personalized pillows and shirts to custom t-shirts and posters, we offer a variety of gift ideas to celebrate the unique bond we have with our furry companions. Our loving gifts with personal messages are particularly popular on occasions such as Christmas. By giving these carefully selected gifts, we show how precious and important our loved ones and also our animal family members are to us.

The gift guide

Personalizable gifts and selected decorative objects for your home - handmade with love in Germany. Discover our handmade, personal and personalized gifts: each of our customizable products is made with great attention to detail and the utmost care. With a gift from Roo's Gift Shop you can be sure that it has been made to a high quality. It will also be conveniently delivered to your home within a few working days.

Our service enables you to have an individual, personalized gift made even at short notice and spontaneous occasions. You can give away a special, unique item that will delight the recipient.

We are very proud that we have already been able to enrich you with almost 6,000 (personalized) gift items and posters for your occasions and celebrations or just “just because”. We are always happy to answer any special requests or questions you may have. Just write to us!

We hope you enjoy browsing, discovering and giving away. And we thank all of our customers for their trust. Can we enrich your next occasion with a handmade personalized gift?

Team Roo`s - the one with the kangaroo