flower | artificial flower | Artichoke grasses | gray violet


Flowering grasses

Stylish purple-gray flowers and grasses. The flower, modeled on an artichoke, is made from a type of foam rubber. It is on an approx. 14 cm long stem, which can be bent slightly thanks to the wire. The flower is approx. 16 cm high and has a diameter of 11 cm.

The plastic grasses, which are grouped together as tufts on the stem, go well with this. Because the color is also the washed-out gray-violet like the flower. They are approx. 35 cm long in total.

Please also see the sample image for the arrangement in the vase. However, this is not offered here, but it is also available in our shop.

Great decorative objects: durable and sustainable!

Artificial plants made of plastic with wire.