Abstract oil painting | Ephemeral horizon | Print on canvas | 2 formats



Discover the endless beauty of interpretation with our abstract artwork "Ephemeral Horizon". Immerse yourself in an abstract motif that seems to create an endless landscape of sea and sky. With every look something new is revealed and your imagination can go on a journey.

With vibrant brushstrokes and a skillful use of color, this work of art creates an atmosphere of calm and inspiration. Maybe you recognize waves of the sea or the masts of ships - everyone will find their own story in this work.

Printed on high-quality canvas, the artwork captures the essence of the moment and adds an aura of sophistication and wonder to any room - whether as the focal point of your living room or as an inspiring element in your office. stimulate.

Our canvas print combines high-resolution printing, saturated colors and excellent sharpness, with the qualities of a finely grained canvas. A hand-made support frame made of FSC-certified pine allows the work of art on canvas to be shown to its full advantage.


  • Canvas printed on certified professional canvas fabric
  • Stretched by hand on a real wood support frame
  • Impressive edge: the outermost pixels of the motif are stretched and stretched around the 2 cm deep frame.
  • High-resolution printing using the most modern printing processes
  • Solvent-free branded ink with UV protection for permanently bright colors
  • available in two formats