Dog tag | Real leather | personalized | gold



Configure your dog tag made of genuine leather: You determine the size, font, symbols and small additional jewelry pendants of your golden Dog Tag de Luxe. If you want, you can use the dog tag to provide other important data such as your telephone number or address.

Please note: if both sides are labeled, the tags are slightly more expensive and are made of the same leather on both sides. Our dog tags are made from genuine leather, the name is engraved by laser. There is therefore no ringing or rattling on the collar.

Sizes: You can choose between 40mm diameter, 35mm diameter, 30mm diameter and 25mm diameter.

Choose between 3 different fonts (font 1, font 2, font 3), optionally an additional small symbol that we put under the name (heart, peace, anchor, star), and optional tags (max. 3 tags are possible):

- Anchor gold

- Anchor silver

- Star gold

- Star silver

- Peace silver (not available in gold)

- gray tassel with gold

- gray tassel with silver

- brown tassel with gold

We then choose the double ring in gold or silver to match the pendants.