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The velvety-soft GLAM dog bed stands for simple elegance with its matt shine and slightly structured surface. The elegant play of colors makes GLAM a glamorous eye-catcher, as the material appears lighter or darker depending on the incidence of light. The elegant piping completes the design. Thanks to a special manufacturing technique, the luxurious cover material is very soft and tightly woven. The innovative OrthoMattress made of special foam guarantees healthy sleeping comfort and offers many advantages over conventional orthopedic mattresses made of visco foam. Whether for preventative care in young dogs or to provide relief for older dogs - the LABONI OrthoMattress is ideal for preventing joint problems and further damage when diagnosed with osteoarthritis, hip joint dysplasia (HD), elbow dysplasia (ED) or complaints caused by wear and tear of the spine (spondylosis). But every healthy dog ​​also appreciates the comfortable lying comfort.

- Faster recovery - direct support and relief when the dog moves
- Greater breathability - important as dogs cannot sweat
- Always adapts perfectly to the body, not dependent on the temperature like Visco
- Better freedom of movement - no annoying memory effect as there is no uncomfortable lying trough

GLAM is therefore a perfect cuddly bed for every four-legged friend, which is at the same time very robust and extremely easy to care for thanks to the special stain protection function.

The carefully selected materials are perfectly tailored to the needs of your four-legged friend and are even suitable for allergy sufferers. The cover can be easily removed using an internal zipper and, like the filling, can be washed in the washing machine.

Healthy sleep for your dog: The LABONI OrthoMattress is an innovative orthopedic high-tech mattress that adapts optimally to the dog's body with every movement. The special material fusion means that your dog can relax his entire musculoskeletal system while sleeping. Joints and pressure points are relieved and the body is supported where it is needed. This results in better blood circulation while you sleep. The recovery phase starts earlier and lasts longer. Muscles, tendons and ligaments relax and your dog sleeps more restfully. The high-quality mattress is made of special foam - the upper blue layer offers perfect relief as a topper and is firmly connected to the lower black part made of comfort foam, which serves as a support function and guarantees that the mattress cannot sag.

Really good fabric: The cover made of high-quality upholstery fabric is not only cuddly soft, but with over 45,000 scrubbing cycles and top marks for light and rubbing fastness as well as pilling, it is also extremely durable and scratch-resistant. Thanks to its dirt and water-repellent impregnation, it is also particularly easy to care for and, like the ticking, can be washed at 30°C. The fact that everything has been thought of with this exclusive brand product is proven by the internal, concealed zipper, which protects your floor from scratches and the closure from nibble attempts.