Pet bowl ROCKY | made of soapstone


The ROCKY pet bowl from LABONI, made from billions of years old soapstone, offers pure nature in an award-winning design. The natural cooling function and the special ease of care ensure real additional benefits. For food and water, for indoor & outdoor!

With ROCKY, LABONI has created a design object that meets the highest demands and combines archaic beauty with practical use indoors and outdoors. The pet bowl is made from a single piece of Finnish soapstone and appears in a reduced, formally clear design. The unique cooling function keeps food and water fresh for a long time and encourages your four-legged friend to drink. The purely natural product is food-safe and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. Thanks to its high weight, the LABONI bowl stays in place so that your furry friend can't wander around noisily. Like a natural non-stick coating, the surface repels dirt and bacteria, making ROCKY particularly easy to care for: a quick rinse is enough - or simply clean it in the dishwasher. Another advantage of the unique stone: the material does not give off an unpleasant aftertaste, as is often the case with metal and plastic bowls. With this unique drinking and feeding bowl, you are choosing a truly unique item and demonstrating good taste in two ways: aesthetically & functionally! Your four-legged friend deserves it!