Aroma diffuser | Scented stone | Fragrance flower on wooden bowl


Large white flower made of absorbent ceramic on a large, round, elegant wooden bowl; The lid is made of black acacia wood, so that the flower stands out beautifully from it. The body of the round bowl with a diameter of 15 cm and a total height (including lid plus flower) of just under 10 cm is made of white wood.

This aromatic flower-shaped air improver is simply moistened with a few drops of essential oil and scents the room for up to three days. Then scent according to your preference and desired intensity; 3 or 4 drops of perfume or essential oil are enough. The material of the diffuser is very absorbent and continuously releases the scent into the environment through evaporation.

The bowl is also great for jewelry or other small things and just looks really great.