Seagrass placemats VARNA | black rectangular set (2, 4 or 6 pcs.)


• 36 x 36 cm in size
• made of flexible and soft seagrass
• perfect for the dining table or as a decorative element
• 100% handmade and fair trade

The next time you host a dinner for friends or family, Varna will effortlessly become the highlight of the table setting. The placemat differs from our other models in its precisely cut, square shape and stands out thanks to the radially arranged seagrass fibers.

Thanks to the simple black coloring of the natural material, created with food coloring, Varna fits into almost any living environment. The placemat is relatively light and can be easily stowed away if necessary to save space.

Varna is also available in natural color.

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Mass weight:

Length x width: 36 x 36 cm
Weight: 0.07kg per piece

Due to handcrafting and natural fluctuations in materials, size and weight may vary slightly from the stated values.

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Main material: seagrass

What is usually referred to as “seagrass” by basket makers is actually not an (under)water plant, but a small, palm-like plant that is widespread on sandy beaches in the tropics of Asia. The leaves of the plants often cultivated by humans are separated, cut into strips, dried and then processed by hand.

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This placemat is handmade in Java, Indonesia.
When selecting our local producers, we value fair pay and good working conditions. In the factories from which we source our goods, we only work with adult and experienced craftsmen. No harmful chemicals are used in production. Since all work steps are carried out by hand, the production process causes hardly any greenhouse gas emissions. We ensure all of this through regular on-site visits and permanent personal contact with the companies.