Watch Roll | 3 travel watch case | Watch roll


Watch storage WATCH ROLL, a gift for men: practical lined bag made of khaki waxed cotton for storing watches - ideal for travel. Suitable for three watches (compartment width approx. 8 cm each). The watch storage roll is closed with a long blue rubber rope, which is attached to an eyelet and wrapped around the roll. At the end of the rubber rope there is a silver-plated decorative element.

Format when opened: 25 cm x 21 cm

Material: Exterior Waxed Canvas. This is a robust cotton fabric that is coated with wax. The wax finish gives the fabric the light breaks that give it its special vintage character. (Attention: please do not wash or iron, just wipe with a damp cloth.)

Inside black micro suede - a faux leather with a suede touch. Important note: the watches shown in the photos are of course not part of the offer, but only serve as a size reference and example of use. More watch rolls in waxed canvas or leather in our shop. Please feel free to ask us about custom-made products!