Candles | Dip Dye | yellow vanilla white


color gradient

Great hand-dyed candles - the dip dye process creates unique color gradient effects - so every candle looks different! You always buy three candles here, which come to you already wrapped in a transparent film with a sticker “Dip Dye Candles” - a nice little gift!

Sometimes the color is only at the top, sometimes only at the bottom or at the top and bottom - please choose your favorite when purchasing. Each candle is a handmade unique piece. Since it is handmade, the candles may vary slightly from the pictures in the offer.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** * Please never leave the candles burning unattended! * Always place in a non-flammable candle holder * Keep away from children and animals * Protect from drafts to avoid one-sided burning, dripping and soot * Shorten the wick if the flame is too large