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Small thanks! Just give away a little something? Our statement candles are perfect - the candles with a personal message. In these two sets you will receive 2 white candles with black writing, they are approx. 18 cm long. One set consists of "Little Thank You" and "Sparklerze" - the other consists of "All the best" and "I'm thinking of you".

Nicely packaged in transparent film and each with gift tags (which still need to be labeled), you will receive them as a pre-packaged souvenir with our “Statement Candles” sticker on the back. The writing burns easily when you light the candle - see photos! Each candle is a handmade unique piece. Since it is handmade, the candles may vary slightly from the pictures in the offer. Please note that different gift tags may be attached to each item, not necessarily the ones shown in the photo.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** * Please never leave the candles burning unattended! * Always place in a non-flammable candle holder * Keep away from children and animals * Protect from drafts to avoid one-sided burning, dripping and soot * Shorten the wick if the flame is too large