Easter eggs | Deco design | Ceramic | Scandi look


Format and color

Cool Easter decorations in black, white and silver: The eggs are made of ceramic and are different sizes. There are small and large eggs in a striped look, in silver or black and the eggs that act as a pot or bowl, these are available with a jagged edge and in two sizes in a black and white striped look.

Material: ceramic

small egg striped, height 8 cm
large egg, striped, height 12 cm
very large egg, striped, height 16 cm
small egg black, height 8 cm
large egg, black, height 9.5 cm
small egg, silver, height 8 cm
small "egg bowl" striped, height 7.5 cm, diameter 8 cm
large "egg shell" striped, height 8.0 cm, diameter 10 cm