Easter nest with bunny | Bunny candle | white rabbit | Scandinavian Easter | Easter decorations



Sweet Easter nest made of twigs and feathers - the bunny feels comfortable here, but also great for chocolate eggs etc. The white bunny candles are also cute - they are about 9 cm high and 6 x 10 cm long/wide. Or the little bunnies, these white bunnies are tealight candles and are actually far too good to light.

You can find more great Easter candles and matching Easter cards in our shop!! See photos - but here you only buy the candle from the first photo!

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* Please never leave the candles burning unattended!
* Always place in a non-flammable candle holder
* Keep away from children and animals
* Protect from drafts to avoid one-sided burning, dripping and soot
* If the flame is too high, shorten the wick