Personalized Wine Bottle Label | Everything happens for a Riesling



Nice birthday gift - personalized wine label with the saying: "Everything happens for a Riesling - Happy Birthday, (Name)!" A perfect gift idea and because it is personalized, it is also something very special.

Tell us the name and we will create your label within 1-2 days and send it to you. The label is 90 x 120 mm, has a glossy surface and is self-adhesive. It is suitable for all bottles that run evenly straight.

We recommend that you remove the existing label beforehand so that nothing shows through and sticks out to the side if the original label is slightly larger. We will send you tips & tricks for removing the original label together with your label.

We currently offer many different customizable labels in our shop for various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, farewell to colleagues, Easter, Christmas, etc.

Please note: we do not ship wine bottles, only the labels; The labels have to be stuck on yourself. :-)