Iron-on patch | Starfish Rhinestone | Hotfix


DIY idea! Pimp your denim jacket, hoodie or t-shirt with a sparkling rhinestone emblem with large square rhinestones. The starfish measures approximately 8.5 cm in height and approximately 8.5 cm in width. Perfect for adding a little more glamor to a piece of clothing.

Please note that the emblem must be ironed on. Instructions will be included.

Material: Hotfix Adhesive, rhinestones, hot melt adhesive surface on the bottom

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1. Please wash the item of clothing beforehand - especially if it is still new

2. Set the iron to level 3 (highest level) - absolutely WITHOUT STEAM

3. First, thoroughly iron the area of ​​the garment where the patch will be placed

4. Place the patch with the rhinestones pointing upwards and secure with pins

5. Now iron from the BACK of the garment, as ironing from the top would damage the design - press firmly in a slow circular motion for 30 seconds.

6. Now let it cool for about a minute. If the edge can still be lifted, please iron it again from the left

The patches CANNOT be ironed onto fabrics with a low melting point such as nylons, vinyls or leather.

Caring for your clothing with a rhinestone patch: we recommend hand washing and turning the garment inside out before washing.
Please no chemicals. Cleaning or drying, continue to iron clothes from the inside out at this point only!