Scarf | Knitted scarf XXL | Alpaca with silk | dark gray


This hand-knitted triangular scarf in XXL format is light, cozy and huge. The large lace scarf in a dark, mottled gray tone is hand-knitted from a wonderfully soft alpaca wool with 23% silk content. Alpaca is much softer and therefore more comfortable to wear than mohair - and super fluffy and light: the entire scarf weighs just 100 grams.

This large scarf can be wrapped around the neck several times or worn as a stole around the shoulders. Thanks to its loose knitting and the noble material, it can be worn all year round - in summer it is perfect as a stole for cooler summer evenings, in winter as a warming scarf in XXL format.

As a triangular scarf, the scarf is approx. 235 cm long on its longest side, the long sides are approx. 165 cm long and the widest point in the triangle measures approx. 90 cm.
The cloth is also available in two other beautiful colors in our shop: light gray mottled and mottled brown.

Material: 77% alpaca, 23% silk. Hand wash only recommended, please dry flat.