Temporary Tattoos | Beliefs | 13 pieces per set


Strong beliefs and positive affirmations motivate our subconscious and strengthen us in life. That's why they are often used as tattoos.

In this set we have put together 13 strong and positive words and sentences for you that you can try out as temporary tattoos - perhaps as a real “test run” for your first real tattoo.
We offer these 13 affirmations in this set:
- love yourself
- be here now
- happiness
- never stop dreaming
- do all things with love
- always stay true to yourself
- no flowers - no rain
- be you tiful
- believe in you

With our temporary tattoos, you can get an amazingly real-looking tattoo in no time. The motifs measure at least 40 x 15 mm (the smallest) and a maximum of 90 x 22 mm (the largest) - depending on the motif. With your order you will receive the set and detailed instructions.

Your saying, your affirmation, your name is not there? You can easily order your personalized tattoo from us - feel free to contact us: we will design individual tattoos for you!

Our product advantages:
• popular with professional makeup artists
• it lasts 3-5 days
• uncomplicated handling
• dermatologically harmless

Our tattoos are not only often used by make-up artists in the theater and on set, but are also used at events and sporting events (e.g. triathlon): the natural, amazingly real look that the dermatologically safe transfer paper achieves is not to be missed Approximately very popular. The uncomplicated handling and the long durability of the tattoo effect are further advantages.

Please note that these products have been dermatologically tested and classified as safe, but are not suitable for children under three years of age.

It's very simple: First, please cut out the (mirrored) motifs with a narrow edge
1. Clean the area where you want to apply the tattoo
2. Now remove the transparent protective film and be careful not to touch the adhesive layer
3. Now place the tattoo paper with the adhesive side on the desired location
4. Press firmly with a damp cloth
5. After around 10-15 seconds the backing paper comes off
6. Slide it down carefully
7. Gently wipe off excess adhesive from your tattoo motif

Tip: Experienced users swear by subsequent treatment with baby powder. This takes some of the shine off and makes your tattoo look even more realistic.