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Advent season means it's time for crafting! Make your own most beautiful Advent and Christmas candles with our water slide stickers. The stickers are different sizes and are therefore partly suitable for stick candles and partly for pillar candles. We offer four different sets!

The respective sets in postcard size A6 contain 10 to 17 motifs.
For example, they are labeled “Merry xmas” or “Happy Holidays”. Or with the numbers for the Advent candles.

Choose your favorite set or several - you will receive the set with instructions!

***How ​​are you?***

You provide a bowl of water as well as stick or pillar candles. Then a cloth for dabbing.

Cut out the motif as narrowly as possible. Place only one in the water and wait approx. 20-30 seconds. Then the transparent printed film begins to separate from the backing paper. Now carefully slide the motif onto the candle. Gently blot off excess water. It is best to let the candle dry overnight.
Tip: It's best to brush over it with candle varnish, this works even better because then the shine of the foil can no longer be seen!!

The writing burns easily when you light the candle! Please note that you are not buying candles here, just stickers to design yourself! If you would rather buy these candles ready-made, they are also available ready-made in gift packaging in our shop!