Certificate folder | personalized | Testimonials folder



A sweet gift idea for all school children - and not just for the start of school - because all certificates can be stored practically in this personalized, lovingly designed folder.

We offer the certificate folder in two versions:

Folder A: This folder is made of flexible plastic and has 30 firmly inserted brochure pockets. The printed boxes, which can be inserted into the front and back pockets, give it more stability. Here we design both the cover and the back.

Folder B: This folder is a classic solid white ring binder that has an insert at the front on the cover page into which we insert the designed cover page. This comes empty on the inside; you can simply insert the brochure covers for the certificates here. Here only the front is designed - the back of the folder is white.

When you order, you can specify the name you would like us to put on the case for you.

Material 100% polyester, printed cardboard in 210 gr